Getting Past the Green in Green Smoothie

Hi, I’m Becky. And I am a Green Smoothie convert. I used to wonder why anyone would want to consume anything that looked like, well, you know what by choice and how in the world could it ever taste ok, let alone good. I am not a disciple of the green smoothie here to preach its amazingness to one and all and swear that you should have them every day and if you do they will make you slim and trim and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m here to say They’re actually pretty tasty.

Hey! That smoothie is as green as I am!

Here’s a rough idea of what’s in mine:

1 cup chopped fresh spinach
1/3 cup plain yogurt
2/3 cup soy milk
1/3 frozen banana (use more if you want-I like this smoothie on the tart side)
Handful of frozen kiwi slices -maybe enough to make a small kiwi
Handful of frozen mango pieces – maybe ½ cup maybe a little less

Pop everything into the blender and blend until you like the consistency. If you have a blender that’s as crappy as mine, you may need to add a little water, but be really careful or you will end up with something that resembles green slime-way too thin. And slime is not a smoothie 🙂 Although it is still just as tasty. *This can make a 20-24oz depending on how loosely you measure and if you add water!*

If you prefer not to see the green in your smoothie-just use dark colored berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, even strawberries with another dark berry).

I have zero recipes for my smoothies. I just throw in whatever looks good along those same lines. A green veggie, some yogurt, some soy milk, fruit. I will often have toast with butter or a very tiny smear of peanut butter on it along with my smoothie to start my day. I tend to sip the smoothie along until mid morning. Very filling, very nutritious, and very eye catching!


3 thoughts on “Getting Past the Green in Green Smoothie

  1. I was just reminded of something I feel I should point out. This smoothie can be a PIA to wash out of the blender. Don’t rush out of the door to work and toss the blender into the sink. Spend 30 seconds to rinse it out. Trust me. BTDT. IDK if it’s the yogurt or what, but something glues onto the sides of those blades and does not scrub off for nothin’. Same thing if you drink yours from a fab Tervis tumbler with a straw like I do. For the love of hot water and dish pan hands-rinse the straw out when you are done. You will never-ever-ever get it clean otherwise. I had to resort to Bleach once, and then I was creeped out by drinking from something that had bleach in it. Who wants that? Just trust me. Rinse this stuff out. Drink up!

  2. I think it is the greens that make it stick and hard to get off. I only add greens, fruit, water and have the same problem.

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