Transitions and Intentions

2013 can really be summed up as a year of transition. It’s felt like crisis management much of the time. Real or imaginary, I’ve managed to make it through the crises of 2013.


It’s moving away from this constant battle to be better, do better, have better. It’s leaving behind my own expectations for what life is suppose to look like. It’s getting out of my own way and allowing life to occur the way it should. It’s facing forward toward what is coming, ready to take it all straight on. It’s about only glancing into the rearview to check myself. It’s about stitching closed old wounds and stopping any lingering blood letting from them to allow myself to be healthy for what lies ahead. What is ahead is what matters.


2014 is going to be a year of intention for me. I am setting that out here and now. I will not live this year by responding to what is happening around me but instead by making things happen. I will accept responsibility for my actions, and I will learn to graciously accept praise as well. What happens from here out is because I intend for it to happen.

-To Infinity and Beyond

These Things I Celebrate

While 2013 has had it’s share of bruises, there were a fair number of highlights to reflect upon as well. I feel as though I have made strides, some very personal, this year in a number of areas. My victories speak only to my own triumphs and may look silly to others, but I gave up qualifying myself a while back.


These things I celebrate about 2013:


Increased the intensity of my workouts and weightlifting   –   Spent a week at the beach alone   –   Attempted online dating   –   Gave up eating gluten and dairy entirely   –   Advocated for myself to get better healthcare   –   Started saving for a house and a real vacation   –   Paid off my car and began saving for a new one   –   Began to pay down what I owe my parents   –   Joined the Jr. League   –   Went to seminars/fairs/events alone   –   Looked for an accepted a new job   –   Severed communication with a difficult person and began to make peace with the situation   –   Began an art journal   –   Volunteered twice with Fleet Feet Sports. 



I have much to celebrate this year.