These Things I Celebrate

While 2013 has had it’s share of bruises, there were a fair number of highlights to reflect upon as well. I feel as though I have made strides, some very personal, this year in a number of areas. My victories speak only to my own triumphs and may look silly to others, but I gave up qualifying myself a while back.


These things I celebrate about 2013:


Increased the intensity of my workouts and weightlifting   –   Spent a week at the beach alone   –   Attempted online dating   –   Gave up eating gluten and dairy entirely   –   Advocated for myself to get better healthcare   –   Started saving for a house and a real vacation   –   Paid off my car and began saving for a new one   –   Began to pay down what I owe my parents   –   Joined the Jr. League   –   Went to seminars/fairs/events alone   –   Looked for an accepted a new job   –   Severed communication with a difficult person and began to make peace with the situation   –   Began an art journal   –   Volunteered twice with Fleet Feet Sports. 



I have much to celebrate this year.  

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