Everyone Sing Along

If there is one thing everyone can agree on it’s that music is essential to exercise. What kind of music is really debatable, but the absolute NEED for music is not. I’ve got a really specific taste in workout music. My overall taste for music is really wide spread, but when it comes to get-your-blood-pumping-sweat-pouring-heart-beating-rock-your-socks-off-music my choice always leans toward hip hop and rap. I’m constantly screwing with the playlist and generally hit shuffle over about 60 songs. I know several people who like the variety of Pandora, but I like to have a little more control over my playlist for workouts than that. (Hey, I’m learning not to be a control freak for most of the rest of my life, let me have my workout playlist, ok?) I mostly have older stuff, but occasionally add in new stuff. And this one time, a couple of years ago this awesome guy I used to chill with let me hack his harddrive, and I came away with copies of about a dozen mix tapes that are now in frequent rotation. (That doesn’t make up for the fact that I never see you any more Car Wash Boy, sniff.) 

Here’s a sampling of my current shuffle:

  • Ashin Kusher -Kid Cudi
  • Move That Body- Nelly, Akon, T-Pain (seriously-this is awesome for hardcore cardio)
  • Work Out – J. Cole
  • Tootsie Roll -69 Boys (talk about a throwback! This was played at every dance I went to between the 6th and 8th grades!)
  • Talk That Talk- Rhianna
  • Good Good Night -Rosco Dash
  • Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa
  • Forever -Drake, Kanye, Eminem, Lil Wayne
  • Blow the Whistle -Too $hort
  • Chillen -Wale and Lady Gaga
  • Flex -Party Boys (One of those songs that you have to forgive me for because it just has good memories attached)
  • On to the Next One -JayZ
  • Buy You a Round -Verse Simmons
  • Push It -Salt N Pepa (Does it get any better than these original ladies of hip hop? I mean, really?!?!)
  • Ring the Alarm- Beyonce
  • Pope- Prince
  • Imma Be -Black Eyed Peas
  • Snap Backs and Tattoos -Driicky Graham (I’m going to go ahead and call it what it is-not high quality music, but the beat’s good for cardio)
  • Just Begun- Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Jay Electronica
  • Hard- Rihanna, Jezzy
  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder -JayZ
  • We Be Clubbin- Ice Cube
  • Step Into A World -KRS One
  • If I Ruled The World ’09 – Nas, Marcia Ambrosious

So, let’s have it. What gets your heart pumping for a good work out?